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planting instructions

Planting Instructions

For Growing in the Ground

  • Select a site with plenty of sunshine (unless the trees required partial sun or shade) and good soil drainage. Avoid planting fruit trees in lawns or beds that receive frequent shallow irrigation. 

  • Dig a hole 10% bigger then the existing container. Soil at the bottom of the hole should not be disturbed as this could result in below grade settling. the width of the transplant hole should be no more than one and a half the diameter of the rootball. The sooner the roots moving out of the rootball rich the new surrounding soil, the sooner it will establish.

  • Do NOT use fertilizer and manure. The fertilizer and/or manure can burn the new roots and damage/kill the tree.

  • Place tree without the container in the hole (The container can be cut to avoid the soils to break apart). The potting soil that the tree came in will break down and the tree will sink below the soil line if it is planted level with the ground. The recommendation is to plant 1-3 inches above ground depends on the size of the existing container purchased.

  • Once the tree is placed, continue to backfill around the rootball with native soil to within 12 inches of the soil surface. Fill with the organic material such as Planting mix or potting soil upper part. Be sure backfill soil is firm compacted around the rootball to avoid air pockets. DO NOT PLANT TOO DEEP!

  • Water depends on soil type, drainage, and climate but in general, water every 2-3 days for the first few months and 3-4 thereafter until the trees are established. Water once a week after established.

  • Sprinklers alone will NOT be enough, as they are meant for grass and water only 1-2" deep. Additional watering is needed.

  • Wait a few months before fertilizing then continue to fertilize as per instruction on label. Recommend to use the  N-P-K slow released fertilizer such as Osmocote 14-14-14 or any other similar slow released fruit tree fertilizers.

For  Growing in the Container

  • The new container must have adequate drainage holes and needs to be at least twice the size of the existing container. Only use organic matters such as Potting Soil or use about 50% loamy sand top soil or washed river sand mixed with 50% organic matter as specified.

  • Water container trees daily if inland and or in full sunlight. Water every 2-3 days if in a coastal and or shady area during hot month.

Pest Control

  • Copper Fungicide - For Fungus and Bacterial Problems. We suggest spraying mangoes when they are blooming for a better fruit set.

  • Organic Spray (Horticulture oil and Neem oil)- For Aphids, Mites, Scales, Whiteflies and Other soft-bodied insects. Also can be used on Powdery Mildew and Fungus.​

Contact us to learn more about the planting and fertilizing

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